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Top 5 payment processing options for small businesses

Payment processing is one of those essential capabilities that any business needs to have in place before starting operations. In today’s day and age, business owners have many options to pick from, begging the question, what is the best payment processing system? The truth is, this is a very open question and the answer really depends on what you are looking for. Some payment processing systems offer a lot of great features, but their fees structure can be quite a burden for a new small business. In order to help you with this decision, we have put together our list of top 5 payment processing options for small businesses.

1. Stripe

If you are just starting out and your business is mostly online, Stripe is a great choice. Stripe offers some of the best features found in a payment processing system at no upfront cost nor monthly fees. It is easy to integrate into any website for self service transactions and it offers a great invoicing system that makes payments easy, offering a great experience to your customers. We highly recommend it, specially for B2B businesses.

2. PayPal

If your business is B2C, then PayPal is one of the best payment processing options out there. Not only does it offer highly advanced features with no monthly fees, a variety of payment methods and buy now & pay later options, it is also one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the world.

3. Adyen

Another great payment processing option with no monthly fees. Used by Uber, Spotify and eBay among others, Adyen is a great option if you anticipate a large number of international transactions.

4. Square

If you are planning to have in-person transactions, then Square is a great low cost payment processing option that offers the latest in point of sale systems. Additionally, Square enables online payment processing with the latest features.

5. Quickbooks

Not only does quickboooks provide one of the best book keeping solutions on the market, they also provide one of the best payment processing options out there. With quickbooks you will be able to accepts most payment methods and automatically see them on your books (if you use quickbooks for your book keeping) all while offering a seamless customer experience.

If you need assistance with selecting and implementing the payment processing system that is right for your business, please contact us for a free consultation.

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