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Benefits of hiring freelancers

Staffing is amongst one of the biggest challenges of small & medium business owners. In most cases, business owners don’t have the skills, knowledge, or time to do everything that needs to be done by themselves. When the need arises, most business owners will immediately go with the traditional route of looking to hire a full time employee. This presents several challenges, with additional problems adding up if the company is located outside of a major population center.

The hiring process for a full time, in person employee can take anywhere from 1 month up to a year, with financial costs along the way. Once an employee is hired, it takes time to train them, and after all the months of recruiting and interviewing and training, it is possible that the new employee will not work out. Research shows that almost 30% of new hires are willing to quite their new job within the first 90 days, if they don’t find it satisfactory.

Although full time employees are necessary for some businesses, companies big and small can all benefit from hiring freelancers to help with specific projects.

Why hire a freelancer?

Freelancers can be very cost effective, while also offering you the experience and skills needed to get the job done. In today’s digital world, companies can use one of the many freelancing platforms to post a job that they need done. This can be anything, in almost any field. From designing a logo, or business card, to developing custom software and anything in between. When posting the job, you can set a budget you are willing to spend on this project and ask the platform to notify freelancers with matching skills and rates about your job post. This gives you exposure to talented and experienced professionals from all over the world! With many of them willing to do the work for very competitive prices and with ratings and reviews provided by their previous employers.

Freelancers offer the benefit of an experienced and talented professional without any of the downsides that occur when hiring a full time employee. When you need a specific project done, and you don’t have anyone on your team capable or with the time to do it, a freelancer is the way to go.

If you find a freelancer you like, they become a great resource for future project in the same field. A small business owner who knows 3 or 4 good freelancers, can run a successful online business from their home with no need for employees, nor an office.

If you need help finding freelancers that would meet your needs, please contact us to set up a free consultation.

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